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Jodi Morelli, Founder and Principal

After her tenure at Daniels & Associates, Jodi spent years in the cable television affiliate marketing world for Fox News, Fox Sports, FX Networks, MTV and Outdoor Life Network (now Comcast's NBC Sports Network) selling and promoting world class programs and events including the Superbowl, Video Music Awards, The Factor, Bill O'Reilly, Tour de France and numerous sporting events in the United States and abroad.



Adding to her expertise, Jodi served as the head of Marketing for PanAm Sat (now Intelsat), the world's largest satellite operator. PanAmSat, founded by Rene Anselmo, is known for effectively breaking the monopoly on satellite companies and privatizing the industry.  


Jodi's marketing reach, experience and expertise have afforded her the ability to not only listen to clients' needs, but also to anticipate the market's needs for them. Jodi's clients range from large multinational corporations & multi million dollar budgets, all the way through to smaller, project-based companies and programs. Her rolodex of contacts and her access to top executives is exceptional. 

Dara Levy & Associates

Global Media Marketing is proud to partner with Dara Levy & Associates. Dara ran events world-wide for Deutsche Bank's GIS division and produced six of Comcast's (now NBC Sports) VIP client events for the 
Tour de France throughout France. She has an extensive background in VIP event production, sports hospitality, corporate/financial conferences, trade shows, etc., on a global level. 

This partnership brings two of the most tireless, globetrotting event producers in the industry together and the results are unparalleled, top-shelf productions.


Telephone: +1-203-249-2839

 Email: jodi.morelli@global-mediamarketing.com

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